Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everyday Is Earth Day! (amongst other things)

SO EARTH DAY IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR! The kids are becomming as obsessed with it (sort of) and are really enjoying learning about ways to help our planet. Here is just a few things we did so far..

We made an anchor chart of ways to help our Earth. The kids thought of great ideas and I wanted to make sure it was EVERYDAY things they can be sure to do in school and at home!

The kiddoes made their own little "planet earth" out of water colors and coffee filters and answered a prompt "I can help save the Earth by...". They came out beautifully :)
So far we've read:
GOING GREEN; which is an amazing book that is JAMMED packed with ideas for kids to help, ways we hurt the Earth, local places they can visit and TONS more!
We've been working ALOT with fiction and nonfiction so I've been trying to choose books that fit are theme that are both types. As I've seen in previous lessons, some REALLY take to nonfiction, and some just don't. Work in progress.

In Other News:
We are FINALLY trying to get the babes to tie their shoes. I desperately want to work on this ALL year but time does not allow for it. SO, I've been pressing the issue lately. We read this adorable book Shoelaces, and the the little ones decorated their own sneaker and now have one to practice tying. (It's Spring, let's be honest, croc time.)

I hope everyone has a great week! We have our Spring Sing Concert tomorrow so early to bed, early to rise :)

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