Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daily 5 Dreaming :)

Hi All! We're almost to the end of our pre-spring break journey. Whew, was today exhausting! I guess we're all a little revved up for break to be here! It was just a little crazy with some of the babes needing to get evaluated for first grade, some leaving early for trips, etc but all in all, another GREAT day!

The reasoning behind my blog title is because the kiddos are doing an AMAZING job during Daily 5 time. I'm just excited that they are making such good choices for THEMSELVES! They aren't deciding to do what their friends are doing, or going back to the same old thing everyday...they are doing EXACTLY what I want them to do! Amazing.. Here are a few choices they made today! :

:SPELLING/WORD WORK:  Simple as pie. I printed a copy of the alphabet letters in capitals with boxes directly next to it and these little cherubs had to stamp the matching lower case letter in the box. They did so well!
:READ TO SOMEONE: Some friends playing POP! Working on my home computer so I don't have the name of the blog I downloaded this from but TAKE CREDIT!! I'm so sorry! Great game though! Students pick a card from the container. If they can read it, they keep it. If they can't, they put it back. If they get the POP! card, all of their cards go back in the container. (I know WOMP WOMP)..believe me, we've had some meltdowns but they're doing alright now :)
: WORK ON WRITING:  These lovely ladies decided to work on writing which was marvelous. I give them choices of what to do and they wanted to do a journal entry. UNREAL. Some days, doing journal is pulling teeth but apparently they enjoy it more than they let on ;)
:READ TO SOMEONE:  These little gents are enjoying some Sight Word Readers together. I love when reading can bring them together like this. TOO CUTE.
---> All in all, a great Daily 5 session today :)

I got this GIANT PAPERCLIP FRAME at Bed, Bath & Beyond for 14 bucks! Those pictures are 5x7's to give you a frame of reference!

As I'm sure some of you do, we have a BoOk HoSpiTal in our reading center. I am always always always officially devastated when I check it at the end of the day. WHY oh WHY do my books have to get torn, ruined and shredded???? The world may never know...and it pains me when I get small, individual pages that are just unsalvagable... SO HERE'S WHAT I DID:
I keep all of the old pages (this one is from Ping) and have the kids highlight our Popcorn Words, letter hunt, I don't feel so terrible about wasting my precious pages..

I hope you ALL have a wonderful break if it's coming up, or enjoyed it if yours is over :)

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