Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Always be thankful for each other"

I hung this up on my classroom door for Thanksgiving but haven't had the desire to take it down! It speaks volumes to what I want my kids to understand... Kindergartners tend to see the rest of the school as this world where everything is too big, too loud and too scary. So I see it as my duty to teach them that as long as they stick together, everything will be alright. Days where they have had enough of each other, petty arguments seem around every corner, and they can't seem to make each other happy, I remind them to "always be thankful for each other". Be thankful that there is another little mind and heart that understands exactly what you're going through. Be thankful that you have adults who love and care for you and wish for your safety and happiness each day. I understand that being 5 years old, it may be hard to grasp (and I certainly don't explain it as extensively as this) but I can see changes in their attitudes for each other...and it's amazing.

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