Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Long Weekend, Thanks.

Soooo, yesterday was our first day back from our long President's Day Weekend. WHOA. I won't go into anymore detail than that but what a doozey.. By the end of the day, I literally looked like I had been hit by a train..( and I have a wonderful eye issue going on right now that's forcing me to wear my old glasses) so you can probably just imagine how beautiful that was...we were back to square one with a a lot of things; following directions, noise/body control, remembering letter sounds, etc... I felt frustrated most of the day when it came to getting work done...

On the PLUS SIDE..(there is always a plus side) The little ones got along with each other wonderfully. I couldn't have asked for a better day socially. So, when I got into my car and drove home in silence, I reflected...Is the day truly a loss if we have some slip ups with letter sound identification? Is the world going to end if the boys couldn't stop throwing beanie babies or we lost 3 glue stick caps? The answer is always and definitely a BIG FAT NO. The moments where I saw a little one fall only to find another tiny hand there to help him up, or I heard "That picture is really beautiful", or learning centers went so smoothly because everyone was getting along..those are the moments we strive for any other day, so why can't they be our complete and total accomplishment for one day? I've decided they absolutely can be. Sometimes it's bigger than being able to give everyone a 100% on a CVC page.. The world will not on days when you feel challenged beyond all get out, I challenge you to see the good.

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