Friday, February 17, 2012

Indoor Recess? YES, PLEASE!

     Sooo, I can explain. My kids think I'm a ninja..for no other reason that that's what I have told them. When they ask how I saw them steal the shovel in the sandbox when my back was to them, "I'm a ninja..", when I finish tying their shoes WHILE I'm wearing gloves and they stare back in awe, "I'm a ninja.." you get the point. So, what kind of Sensei would I be if I didn't attempt to teach those skills to my young apprentices.
      Enter INDOOR RECESS (deep, dreadful, movie trailer voice). This is one of those days I speak of when I say that my assistant must go home in complete silence and rethink her professional choices. It all started with "Liz (my assistant), I think it's supposed to rain all day..". To which she responded something like "Uh, Oh." Bless her. "We're going to do indoor ninja training today." said Devin emphatically. "OK.", said Liz.
       I began to scramble. What types of activities do ninjas really need to be able to do? Climb through laser beams? Check. Army crawl through a jungle? Yes. Jump over a pit of fire? Absolutely. So, with a little help from the BEST gym teacher ever (and the use of our schools Aftercare room)  I managed to scrounge up all of the supplies I would need to create my ninja fortress training center of power. (That's what I called it)...
 The "Always Watching" eyeballs, tunnel of dread, fire pit and jungle in the distance..
 cones for weaving on the way to the "team scooter pull", jump ropes were flames my assistant and I wiggled for the kids to jump over...
Ahh, the fire pit. I know what you're thinking..That thing looks FIERCE..and it was. After they army crawled through the jungle, they had to complete a puzzle (I was once obsessed with MTV's "The Gauntlet" and have a hankering desire for there always to be a mind challenge during obstacle courses)  before jumping into the ocean..

So there it was. Complete with Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" and "Kung Fu Fighting", this obstacle course ruled. All of the kiddies received this award with their name on it, after being announced with drum rolls and the "Space Jam" soundtrack:
The end result of this was more than I could have imagined. Yes, I was sweaty and laughing uncontrollably, but seeing the look of confidence and pride on my kids' faces was priceless. To this day, I will ask who is a ninja and they all raise their hands. There is something to be said for that..There is also something to be said for having an AMAZING, fun/silly group of parents who LOVE (and wonder) what they will find in their take home folders each may just be an Ninja Award.
My point of this post is: GO WITH IT. When you have an idea that seems amazing, don't let the critics (co-workers) make your cereal soggy with "You really want to have to clean that all up?" or "They are going to be so out of control when you are done" (they weren't because true ninjas have self control...). DO IT. GO FOR IT. If it doesn't work, the kids are going to love you anyway. At the end of the day, isn't that all that really matters?

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