Monday, March 26, 2012

Alrighty, it's been a while...SORRY. It's been a little nuts lately! As I'm sure you are all experiencing with Spring Break here or right around the corner. We've been working a TON on our reading/listening/retelling skills and has SAVED my life. I've been able to work individually or with small groups to hear reading responses but lately, as their skills improve, I'm feeling more confident in using large group activities. Here are a few:

My hope is to get the kiddos more interested in non-fiction and this is the perfect way to get them going! They really do enjoy when I read non-fiction selections and this page was such a cute way to assess what they learned!

Again, another adorable page that asks them to remember the OH SO IMPORTANT parts of a story. We've also been working on parts of a story and parts of a book (Cover, Title, Author, Title Page, Index and Table of Contents). We talk a lot about what the setting is and how you can tell just by looking at the pictures! They are doing such an amazing job absorbing all of this info :) I hope everyone had a great Monday!
:) d.

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