Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the REST of Dr. Seuss

So, as promised, here is the rest of what we completed during "Our Week with Dr. Seuss"!

This was the wall outside that I created to display the books of the week. (We had an in-service day on Wednesday so there were only 4 books)

For the writing activities, I chose a few for each book (don't worry, everyone got a sample on the wall) but I managed to squeeze all of the hot air balloons for Oh the Places You'll Go up there. (Whew, it was about 40 balloons). So here are the close ups/descriptions:

We did a mini-packet for the Foot Book but this page allowed me to focus on opposites! (courtesy Seussville.com)
For Oh the Thinks You Can Think, I put a massive amount of art supplies on the tables and my kiddos had to "Think up a..." creation and rhyme to go along with it. They were allowed to use nonsense words. (How could I not let them when Dr. Seuss himself did it all the time!)
(a bird flying of a cird) hey, I said there could be some nonsense.

For Oh the Places You'll Go, the kiddos created they're own hot air balloon, then answered two prompts: I will go to:   and When I get there I will:   

 JD wants to go to Florida to swim :)

So, this is what I did for our over the top and obnoxious Dr. Seuss wall.

Easy ideas that let the kids experience with their own imagination, HUGE goal for me in every activity.

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