Friday, March 2, 2012

Surviving another Seuss Day :)

Hello All! I hope you all experienced a tolerable amount of wackiness today! We had such a wonderful day today...First, my wonderful assistant and I were very typical and dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the "Big Day"!
It went over very well. The kids loved it, co-workers called us nuts (which I take to mean "Great job, ladies!") and it actually wasn't too big of a distraction for the kiddies.
       Each day this week, I've focused on a different book/activity for the day. (Seuss wall photo to follow) but today, we focused on Horton Hears a Who! This year has brought many trials regarding the kiddos and their ability to cope with problems that surmount between them so I wanted to end our unit with a story about cooperation. After reading the story, used our Bucket Filling portion of circle time to talk about ways to cooperate with one another. Thanks to, Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten (check her blog out), the kiddos were able to write how they were going to cooperate, and draw a picture to go along with it:
We used the book to talk about how to be helpful when friends need it, and how to stick up for eachother. (We've had some issues with small groups singling someone out and making them feel bad :(  )  In order to do this, my babes were going to need a good set of Horton ears to listen with. I came across the website , and found a good set of Horton ears to make a headband with. They were adorable.
    Then, it was TIME TO PARTY! I decorated the room with Birthday decorations, we say "Happy Birthday" to Dr. Seuss and ate delicious Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes.
     THEY WERE SUCH A HIT! (thanks pinterest). Just red velvet cake, white icing, and blue cotton candy for the hair of course! The kids LOVED them, the look and the taste. WARNING: I happened to be reading more about these cupcakes while they were baking and you can't put the cotton candy on until minutes before youre going to serve them!! It melts and looks gross, just a heads up.

So, another Seuss day came and went, we all survived, we all had an amazing day, and we all learned a little and played a little. I am exhausted and plan on treating this Friday's bedtime like a school night.

:) Enjoy your weekend, all.

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