Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness (from a Kindergarten point of view)

So we've been spending this week working in our "St. Patrick's Day Activity Books". The kids are getting pretty pumped when we pull them out because each book has 4 pages (we're partying on Friday) and I let them choose which page they want to do. Here are the pages:
This is the cover page.  I like to leave it blank for them to decorate/design.

The favorite so far has been Shamrock rock & roll! ( I, for the life of me, can not remember where I got this so if you made it, Please comment and take credit!) I have a giant ball pit with oversized dice in it that the kids are able to use to find the sums and color their blocks in. :) It's been a huge hit.
The next two pages came from SMART CHICK over at Teacherspayteachers.com. LOVE. It is part journal entry, part awesomeness. It calls for the kids to create a leprechaun trap by using items in the classroom. My kiddos LOVED this. It gets them out of their seats creating something pretty cool. They then draw their trap in the illustration box, tell me what they used, and how it worked. Very fun :)
We are working on retelling (as is everyone else I'm sure) so the kiddos are becomming more and more familiar with "beginning, middle, end". This allows them to write a story without actually writing a full length story. I'm also able to differentiate by having some of them write and other draw pictures and explain it to me.
Who doesn't love a simple coloring page? I found this one at abcschoolhouse.com. I actually have the kiddos write what they found at the end of the rainbow, draw a picture, and color all of the other things. A good way to end the packet.

Just a few ideas for our St. Patrick's day party:
I have left over colored cotton candy from making the Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes so we'll be using that as a rainbow snack :)
I couldn't find my photo of the leprechaun footprints but I found a similar one at http://ittybittyblogger.wordpress.com/category/married-with-children/page/2/ . Very cute! and the kids LOVE coming back to a messy, wacky room and finding clues.
 Everyone, enjoy the rest of the week! I'll try to hop back on tomorow :)

Here we are, looking completely ridiculous.

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